Friday, December 17, 2010

What I hope for second semester in the DLC

I hope that we can make more animated products like the Lorax because I love when they all come through and we sit down as a class and give feedback and watch them.

My favorite thing in the DLC

My favorite thing that I've done in the DLC is the Industrial Revolution project. I got to work with Sando and Brady, which was a very interesting combination. We got the excellent ideas of Sando and the creativeness of Brady. We came together to make an awesome presentation where we took the life of a family.

What was most challenging for me in the DLC

I think that my biggest obstacle for me in the DLC was becoming a group leader and taking charge. I always thought I would make a good leader, but when the time came I realized how stressful it is. I feel like it took some time, but in the end, I was able to connect with my group and make them realize that I could do it.

What I am proud of in the DLC

I am proud of my Lorax Poem Animation, looking back, it was HORRIBLE, but it felt like the turning point for me. I always thought i knew how to do everything, but when we were assigned a project on Keynote, I realized that I didn't. After watching Conner do work on his project, it all clicked for me, and from then on i had some clue as to what i was doing

How I've grown and changed in the DLC

MY mindset on pretty much everything has changed. Coming in to DLC, I always thought that I was amazing, the smartest of the smart. When I got into DLC I found out that that was not true, I realized that there are more people like me, I've never been surrounded by so much weirdos....and its awesome!!!