Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Both men burned themselves.
They were both trying to get a message across to the government.
Neither were forced into doing it, and did it by choice.

The monk burned himself for religion, whereas Mohamed did it for justice among civilians.
The monk died while burning. Mohamed died after he was taken to the hospital.
The monk's burnign was pre-planned. Mohamed did it without thinking twice.

Free Thinking:
I think that burning yourself would defiantly get the attention of any government, it just doesn't seem right. Sacrificing your own life can't be acceptable to get the attention of someone. To be honest, I think that just protesting would be a better alternate. But one problem is that people would probably die during protests, whereas only one person would die by burning themselves. I admire Muhamed and the monk, no matter how crazy they are, to have the guts to burn themselves just to help others. It doesn't seem like anyone on Earth would be able to do that, yet, they have.


Open highway and heart’s restrained,
Sun burn sustained,
Obscured thoughts sink,
Quarrel rethink.

Hands shake absent control unnerves,
Mere eye observes,
Free fall unfree,
Hurt aches deeply.

Speak words of love lie if you must,
Instincts unjust,
As passion burns,
All sense adjourns.

By Ros Shrapnel

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